Riding through the forest in the Southwest of Western Australia

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Although I now live in Manjimup on the Southwest Highway 320 kilometres south of Perth I am still a member of the Perth Over 55 Cycling Club. In 2002 I started the Over 55 Cycling Club website and am now a lifetime member of that club.

The Manjimup area is partly agricultural and partly state forest. The state forest is closely connected by numerous well maintained timber haul roads which are very rarely used these days. These make beautiful, quiet cycling routes on firm gravel with very little corrugation and few potholes. A suitable bike should have at least 32mm. tyres. A hybrid or a mountain bike or a trekking tourer would be suitable. Some of the routes have a series of short hills as they traverse the various forest streams. Interestingly the main haul routes have fewer hills and run along the watersheds. They are better aligned than some of the local bitumen roads in that respect. One very pleasant route that I recommend is Donnelly Drive

If you are interested in a few rides through this area along the forest trails I would be pleased to act as your guide. Contact David Taylor

There are still many quiet sealed roads in the area that are suitable for cycling on any type of bike. The Manjimup Cyclists are an informal group meeting every Sunday morning at 07h00 in the summer, 08h00 or 09h00 in the winter at Manjimup Timber Park carpark for a half day ride on the bitumen. Currently (June 2016) we are meeting at 08h00. The ability of the riders ranges from young super-fit athletes through local farmers and their wives to septuagenarian cycling enthusiasts. The group meets socially during or after the rides.

Manjimup Cyclists

The Manjimup Cyclists

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