David and Camilla Taylor's slow bicycle ride through the Baltic lands

In mid July 2008 my wife Camilla and I did a tour through Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia by bike. We were not pressed for time and took the opportunity to properly appreciate the surroundings. We spent most nights in guesthouse that we prebooked by email but in some places we had been unable to make reservations so we took a two man tent and sleeping bag with us just in case. As it turned out we were able to find a comfortable bed and a hot shower on every night of our holiday.

We started our tour by air from Western Australia and then spent the first ten days with Rotel driving from Munich across Poland and around Lithuania. Follow the trip using our interactive maps.

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Rotel reise Lithuania train journey Klaipeda to Liepaja Saaremaa routes and accommodation Hiumaa routes and accommodation Liepaja to Ventspils Haapsalu to Tallinn Tallinn to Rapla Kabli to Sigulda Latvia train journey

Rotel Reise

Train Journey

Klaipeda to Liepaja

Liepaja to Ventspils

Saarema tour

Hiumaa tour

Kassari to Tallinn

Tallinn to Kabli

Kabli to Riga

Train to Riga