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I was at St. Marylebone Grammar School, 248 St.Marylebone Road, London NW1 from 1948 to 1954. I used to commute to school initially by train from Pinner and later from Uxbridge by bus and train.

Pitt,Taylor and Munday

Pitt, Taylor and Munday on the train to school in 1949.
The old guy who took this photo (with a Rolleiflex) was principal of a commercial bakery. When we went to camp at Forest Green that year he sent us a parcel of cakes. In the picture we are wearing the blue blazer with the yellow badge and the blue knitted tie with the yellow stripe.

For a form master I started off with Mr. Hands in 2.2 and subsequently Mr.Blakeway, Mr. Hayes, Mr. Greenwood, Mr. Hartshorn, and finally Dr. Freudenberger. Mr. Hartshorn was also the geography master and consequently our classroom in 4 science was the geography room. It was while we were in his class during a period when he had been replaced by a temporary master from the Australian colonies that we all went to the windows to watch the Royal Horse Artillery go past down Lisson Grove with their horses and guns on the way to Hyde Park to fire the salute for the birth of Prince Charles. Shortly after that we heard the salute being fired and later saw the R.H.A. returning.

I managed to avoid cricket but being a larger than average size I was draughted into the Rugby teams. The only photo that I have shows me in the Second XV.


2nd. XV December 1953

Top left is Martin Bernstein then Monks. I am third from left in the top row. Fourth (I think) was Baxter (Scottish?) then Ron Simms and J.A.W. Gibbs, who kept wicket for the school. On the right in the second row is the games master Mr. Finbow and next to him was the Welshman Teifion Griffiths. The boy on the left, next to Mr. MacNeal assistant games master who also taught maths and French, might have been Adrian Ellis. In the front on the extreme left may be Ron Pepperell. Third from left is David Hay. Sixth from left is possibly Les Wiltshire. At the centre in the front the captain was certainly Price because we were together in the 1st. XV the following year. If you can augment or dispute these indentifications please email me.