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We are selling our splendid two hectare property at 148 West Boundary road, Manjimup which is on a sealed road next to a nature reserve only three kilometres from the centre of Manjimup. We have grape vines, fruit trees and vegetable beds. Make your own red wine. Make your own jam and marmalade and eat fresh vegetables.

The view from bed

Wake up to this view of trees every morning. More Pictures


The house is a comfortable rammed earth building with an open plan ground floor including bathroom, separate toilet, laundry and a large bedroom currently used as a computer room/office. The kitchen is equipped with an electric fan-forced wall oven, a gas cooktop with rangehood ducted to the outside and a dishwasher which is included in the sale. The kitchen has a valuable pantry, a deep double sink with draining boards, an island bench and plenty of deep drawer space for cooking pots and pans. A fine Jarrah staircase leads up to a mezzanine floor with a second bathroom with shower and toilet. There is a large bedroom with double glazing and a view over the vineyard, a smaller bedroom has a view to the plantation and nature reserve. The mezzanine floor landing has room for a sewing machine hobby corner, rolltop desk and bookcase.
There is a two metre wide verandah around three sides of the house and a 5.9 metre wide car port on the north side sufficient to take two cars wide and long enough for a van with tandem trailer. In the southeast corner is an outside breakfast room 3.9 x 6.2 metres
There is a 11 x 5.8 metre garage/workshop with roof lights, windows both sides and a lockable roller door.


We are on the edge of Parkland View, a group of half a dozen 2 hectare lifestyle blocks. On our Northern bounday is Faunadale nature reserve, a 100 hectare block of Karri, Marri and Jarrah and some smaller trees such as Banksia and snottygobble. You can see yellow robins and tree creepers. At night with a spotlight see ringtail and bushy tail possums astrogales and owls.
Across the road from us is a beef cattle field running down to a dam and up the other side to commercial orchards.
Manjimup is planned as a Supertown. It already has at least six hardware suppliers, three filling stations, Woolworths and Coles, a hospital several GPs, dentists and an excellent public library. The town centre is a 13 minute bike ride away either on the quiet Ipsen street or on the old tramway alignment which is now the mundabiddi trail which passes just 200 metres south of the property. map


We have 100 red wine grape vines, mostly Grenâche but some Cabarnet Sauvignon and a couple of Shiraz vines. The vineyard is surrounded by a rabbit-proof fence. We had trouble with rabbits when we were first establishing the vineyard, hence the fence but have had no sign of rabbits on the property during the last two years although we see signs of bandicoots in the orchard.


The orchard was already established when we came 11 years ago. There is one lemon tree, one orange, one pear, one Nashi pear, one peach tree, one orange, a Royal Gala Apple and a Granny Smith. There is an old Nectarine which still fruits quite well. There is a mature apricot which produced a big crop last year. We have erected netting structures over most of trees. These are important otherwise the cockatoos strip the fruit before it is ripe.

Vegetable beds

There are four beds framed with treated timber and a fenced off vegie area in the vineyard. These beds are richly composted and fertilised with abundant horse manure. They are protected from rabbits and bandicoots by the vineyard rabbit fence. There is also a dedicated vegetable area opposite the sliding doors on the east side of the house. We successfully grow varieties of lettuce, beetroot, parsley, broad beans and onions here. An old bed at the western end of the carport is used for growing herbs and garlic mostly. There is also a small raised bed next to the water tap and open compost bin at the top (southern) end of the orchard. There is also a red and a white mulberry and an olive but we have not yet cropped much fruit from these.

Compost bins

Compost is vital for growing vegetables. There is one high tech double sided bin next to the garage/workshop, a wire framed open bin at the top of the orchard and an open compost area next to the gate from the house to the paddocks.

Chook runs

There are four main chook runs and two chook sheds. These have not been used recently as we found it too restricting if we wanted to holiday abroad. In addition the whole plantation is surrounded by a low chook fence but you would need tame chooks and an alpaca or french sheep dog to look after the birds if you were to use that area successfully.


The paddocks are suitable for a few sheep or young beef cattle during the wet weather but the grass stops growing during the summer. There is a disused livestock loading chute and pen in the southeast corner of the property but this is disused and not in good repair. A sheep shelter next to the pen is used for storing firewood.


There are 75 Tasmanian blue gums that were planted by the previous owner some 16 years ago as a provision for future firewood. Growth rates have varied but the trees are all enormously tall. They could be harvested at any time without reference to the D.E.C.


Electricity The main supply comes from a pole in the road Parkland View in the southwest corner of the property. After a short 15 metre run to our private pole the supply comes underground across the property to a main supply box in the garage. It then comes underground to a secondary switchboard with RCDs in the pantry. Our electricity charges last financial year came to $56/month average. Because of the solar water heating in summer and the wood fire in winter there were no charges for hot water.

Telephone Our telephone line comes underground from Parkland View to the southwest corner of the house. There are connection points in the office, kitchen and in the small upstairs bedroom. There is good service for mobile telephones both from Telstra and Optus.

Television We have an excellent line-of-sight service from the repeater station at the Manjimup Council Depôt 3 km. away by aiming the uhf receiving aerial (included in the sale) through the gap beneath the trees on the verge of West Boundary road. The main television aerial goes to the living room with extensions via an amplifier (included) to the kitchen and both upstairs bedrooms.

Water Rainwater from both the house roof and the garage roof is piped underground to the 90,000 litre concrete tank. The gutters need to be cleaned of leaves once or twice per year. A scour valve can be opened at that time to clear any leaf deposits from the lines. Any further residue settles in the tank and the water coming into the house is sparkling clear and beautiful to drink. Lovely soft water for showers and washing clothes is amazing. The pressure pump was replaced by a modern unit with stainless steel impeller two years ago. It operates faultlessly. There is no main supply in the street so there are no water charges. During our eleven years residence the water tank has never been less than half full.
A deep bore with an electric jet-lift pump is available for irrigation. The flow is sufficient to run one hose continuously. We found it unsatisfactory for gate valves or automatic sprinklers as there is some very fine sand in the water. It has a slight sulphury smell when it comes directly from the bore but if left to stand is perfectly good enough to drink. We have installed 25mm poly pipes with taps to the top and bottom of the vineyard and also to the top of the orchard. Taps also exist in the chook runs and at the corners of the house.

Rubbish collection Collection is optional so we opt out. We find three or four trips 2.5 km each way to the tip per year are sufficient. We make a point of collecting metal scrap and electrical scrap separately as this is taken cost free. Green waste is also taken free and we sometimes take advantage of this during the no burning period. otherwise everything is either composted or burned. Last year our total shire rates bill including rubbish trips was $1088.


The property has been valued by a professional at $500,000 however subject to negotiation We are prepared to consider any offers over $400,000.
email David Taylor for appointment to view
In addition we are offering the following important extras at very favourable prices.:
a 600 litre portable firefighting unit.
a Rover Rancher ride on mower with a double cutter deck.
Bird netting for the fruit trees and grape vines
a wine making outfit consisting of an electric crusher/destemmer on a sturdy wooden stand, 300 mm hand operated basket press, 4 plastic primary fermentation barrels, 4 x 120 litre stainless steel wine tanks on wooden stands. plus several hundred old reusable wine bottles.