Toosikanu Puhkemaja


6 km south of the Rapla Türi road between Lelle and Käru. The turn-off is well signposted.


We paid 500 EEK ($58 australian) for our room in the bunkhouse - no brekky. We had not prebooked as this place did not turn up in our internet searches. We were lucky again as on the previous day there had been a major party with 500 people but on the day we arrived we were the only guests.


It is a large country resort with major buildings of new traditional brick and timber construction and several outbuildings including bunkhouses with separate toilet blocks and a sauna alongside a lake. We were well received by Martyn the shaven headed young bloke in charge. He gave us access to the kitchen 300 metres ride from the bunkhouse to prepare our own tea and meals. The Dining hall adjacent to the kitchen is decorated with the preserved heads of game animals shot by the owner both locally and overseas including a water buffalo from the Northern Territory of Australia. Unfortunately Martyn had a heavy night and overslept so neither we nor the builders waiting to work on improvements had access to the kitchen until nearly 09h00.


An interesting place to stay. We recommend booking in advance.


Toosikannu Puhkemaja
Jöeküla 7201
Käru vald
Toosikannu Puhkemaja tel:372 56 495643