Sõru camping house


In the village 1km. from the harbour.


We booked by email early in the year. We paid 600 EEK ($70 australian) for our little chalet with its own bathroom/toilet. We had an electric jug in the chalet and there was a camp kitchen which we just used for washing up


We spotted a notice in Estonian "Sõru Janimeeste Puhkeküla" and there was a miniature camping village of well built small red/brown huts in a green mowed field. It was deserted. We left our bikes there and walked to the shop across the road where the friendly lady shopowner with no English or German phoned the camp owner for us. Five minutes later a very surly woman cleaner turned up she would not talk to us and slammed the chalet door in our faces. After another 10 minutes the english speaking lady owner of the camping ground arrived in a big diesel car leaving the engine running for the next 30 minutes. She was apologetic, took our money and did her best to smooth things over. It appears that she works in Tallinn and does not normally take bookings on a Sunday but claimed to have accepted our booking by mistake. (We booked in February). The cleaner was unhappy about being called out on a Sunday.

When a camper van arrived at the park abt. 19h00 a lithuanian lady in the next chalet (the only other occupant of the park) telephoned the owner who refused to accept the van and turned it away. What a way to run a caravan park!


Not unreasonable. Quite a pleasant overnighter.


Camping house in Sõru.