Hostel Pargi at Vändra

cellar dining room cellar entrance


Next to the river and north of the highway in Vändra


We paid 500 EEK ($58 australian) for our room without breakfast. We were not prebooked. The hostel appeared almost empty.


The hostel is a substantial three storey brick building. We had a very comfortable room on the second floor with ensuite bathroom. The dining room and kitchen are in the cellar. We were permitted to use the kitchen and the refridgerator. The dining room is a splendid brick vaulted room 8 metres long by 6 metres wide. There is a very expensive looking, aluminium framed, double glazed door at the end of the room and steps leading up to a patio outside. We ate outside at a 6 metre long table with benches beneath a shelter roof where we also secured our bikes for the night. We were able to use the very fast broadband Internet connection using a hostel computer for free after the manager had closed his office for the day.


Good value - Recommended


Heldur Vaakmann
Hostel Pargi
Kalda 3a,
Pärnumaa tel:372 5045746
fax:372 4467027