Oldhouse Hostel in Tallinn


Just outside the old city wall in the old part of the town.


We booked by email 6 months in advance and paid 650 EEK ($75 australian) per night for our room for two nights.


Our small ground floor room had windows opening directly into the street. If the outer window were opened too far it obstructed the footpath. Inner and outer wooden casements made a double glazed window which cut out most of the traffic noise but the residual buzz of cars swishing over the stone paved road was most unusual. Hanging space was vestigial. The bathroom toilet was a couple of doors away. It has no natural lighting but very good extractor fans and a heated floor which dries in a few minutes. The building is well over 100 yrs old but well renovated. There is a dining room with the bare minimum of cooking facilities but an ample supply of crockery and cutlery with a notice instructing not to wash up but to put everything in the dishwasher. We did not find out who was supposed to empty the dishwasher. We were allowed to secure our bikes upstairs on the first floor landing.


It suited us very well. We recommend it but book well in advance.


Old House Hostel in Tallinn.
info@oldhouse.ee372 6 411 464