Kuus Tuba (6 rooms B&B)


Orisaare Mnt. 7a

This is very conveniently situated only a couple of km. from the Triigi ferry but right in the village of Leisi which has a good food shop and a friendly pub with excellent meals within easy walking distance. We had not booked beforehand as we were unaware of this place until we collected the free tourist map from the ferry office in Ventspils. Neither of two other places in the vicinity responded to our emails.


We paid 500 EEK ($58 australian) for our room with no breakfast. Although this place is also described as 6 Rooms B&B they do not serve breakfast.

view of Guesthouse


This is an old wooden building modestly well renovated. There are one or two rooms downstairs and I think four rooms upstairs. The Loo on the upper landing is pretty cramped and the upper landing itself required me to walk along with my head bent due to the sloping ceiling. There is an adequate kitchen and messroom downstairs. A large bathroom/toilet opens off the messroom. There is also a laundry. A table and chairs outside were utilised for our tea when the weather cleared during the late afternoon. This is just the standard I require for a cycling holiday. The old landlady (Alma) lives in a separate house 30 metres away. She speaks fairly good german and left out fresh vegetables from her garden for us in the kitchen. Our bicycles were locked up overnight in her garage.


Highly recommended. Convenient, fairly priced and not too posh. It looks to me to be a very good investment for the owner.


Kuus Tubakuustuba@hot.ee Tel: 372 4573169
GSM: 50 28775