Kabli Chalet with Sauna


On the beach side of the road about 2km south of the R.M.K. Info office and immediately north of a very good little food shop.


We paid 800 EEK (abt $96 australian) for the chalet for the night including use of the sauna.


They had a separate building with sauna and shower and there was a dunny with earth closet abt 50 metres from the chalet. Ours was the only chalet occupied. There was a roofed over area between our chalet and that adjacent with a table and benches for meals. There was a fridge and hot water jug.

There was no beach just there. A cleared path has been cut through the reeds of a sea meadow to the shore. A thick scum of algae was collected at the water's edge and the water looked muddy and shallow 100 metres out.


Adequate but relatively expensive.


Sorry no details recorded.