Jokas Country House


Take the road from Ladezers to Aijazi. Jokas is on the left just over 2 km along that road towards Aijazi. There is a sign at the Ladezers crossroads, and another after the 2 km. pointing to the house. If coming from Ragana, the Ladezers crossroads is about 8 km. after Vidriži, and you would take the right turn. If coming from Limbazi the crossroads is the second junction after leaving Limbazi (the first is towards Kaijciems), and is 12 km. from Limbazi. You would take the left turn. If coming from Ledurga through Aijazi, the first thing to know is that Aijazi is not really a village - more a few farm buildings and the remains of the Aijazi collective farm. Jokas is about 10 km. from Ledurga, and the best indication of being close is when you are at the top of about the only hill and from the top the road goes down, and then sweeps to the left. Jokas is on the right about half a km after that sweep. The sign is there, but you have to read the other side!

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We booked by email 6 months beforehand but we were the only guests staying when we were there. We paid 25 latai($60 australian)for our room and an additional 25 latai for our drinks and meals.


A well maintained, cosy wooden house with numerous ancient outbuildings on a large property. The owner lives in the house with his latvian mother who was evacuated to Yorkshire as a girl at the start of the russian occupation and hence speaks with a strong yorkshire accent. John, the owner was borne in England. His very practical hobby is making fruit wines from all the local fruit and berries. They made us very welcome and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Jokas. We learned much about Latvia from them both.

Camilla with John's MumThe wine cellar


An excellent place to stay. Strongly recommended.


Gasthaus Jokas near Igate.
jokas@sent.comJohn tel/fax:371 291 32456