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Country House Dzirnupes


Two km. on the left along the Astere road from the Salacgriva Limbazi bitumen road. There is a very faded notice almost buried in the hedge and the house looks very insignificant from the road.


We were not expected and the only guests there. We paid 20 Latai ($48 australian) for the two of us and gave them an additional 30 Latai ($72 australian) for our breakfast and evening meal as we were so pleased with the service.


small pikeThe Palionis live in a small wooden house and have converted their 100 yr old log barn into a guest cabin with wood fired sauna and wooden bathtub. There are bunks for four people. The earth closet is thirty metres away at the back of an outbuilding. The large property backs onto the Dzirnupite river a 4 metre wide drain flanked by silver birch trees, choked with water lilies and connecting to Lake Astere. Juris has a net across the river but failed to catch any fish on the day we arrived so drove into the village to buy food for us. The following morning he showed us a pike caught in the net during the night and also a small beaver. He indicated by sign language that the beavers grow much larger and that they do a great deal of damage blocking the waterways.

Juris has an interesting collection of ancient farm implements. It is also worth noticing that he has made a front rainwater gutter for the cabin from a single hand carved pine log supported by wrought iron brackets. He is holding up the pike in the picture on the right.


A really lovely place to stay. Strongly recommended


Juris and Sandra Palelioni
Kreis Limbazi,
Gemeinde Vilkene
no email tel:371 264 08465

Sandra speaks fairly fluent German. Juris speaks neither English nor German.