Guesthouse Metras Maja


The guesthouse is at the bottom of the hill on the left as you enter the town of Aizpute.


We failed to receive a reply to our emails so booked using fax. We arrived on a Sunday simultaneously with a group of german cyclists. We paid 30 latai ($72 australian)for a double room on the first floor and another 20 latai ($48 australian) for an evening meal and breakfast in the dining room provided by a catering contractor.


The Metras Maja is an old house above a ground floor shop. The owners sell arts and crafts from the shop during the week but the shop was closed as we arrived on a Sunday and they let us park our bikes securely in the shop overnight. The building has perhaps seven bedrooms, a well equipped kitchen and a huge dining/sitting room all on the first floor. The dining room could seat some 20 people at a single large table. The whole building has recently been renovated with little respect to cost. I do not see a positive return on that investment likely in the near future.


Very comfortable stay. Recommended.


Metras Maja in centre old Aizpute Valde Drulle Tel:371 344 8413 Fax:371 344 8737