Square-Tailed Kite

Lophoictinia isura
Square-Tailed Kite at Taylor's, August 2007

The Square-Tailed Kite includes our property in his territory. He comes around daily as a solitary raider and patrols over the tree tops looking for nestlings or eggs. He is an expert soarer and rarely has to flap his wings. If it is a windy day he makes use of the updrafts caused when the wind meets the trees. If it is quiet and sunny he will take advantage of tiny thermal currents.

After he has been circulating for no more than a few minutes one of the many small birds nesting in our trees will bravely buzz him from astern and chase him away.

Square-Tailed Kite at Taylor's, August 2007

Patrolling the tree tops.

Square-Tailed Kite being harassed at Taylor's, August 2007

Square-Tailed Kite being harassed by a Fairy Martin less than two minutes after arrival at Taylor's August 2007