New Holland Honeyeater

Phylidonyris novaehollandiae
New Holland Honeyeater at Taylor's, June 2007

The New Holland Honeyeater is by far the most numerous of any bird species at Taylor's. We have flowering eucalypts all around the house and they feed from the flowers all day long. While they are out of sight of one another thay maintain contact by frequent tseep tseep calls within the group.

They are easily seduced by strong aromas. Last year one of our honyeaters raised her family in a nest in the top of a hedge-trimmed Rosemary bush. They are regularly lured into the shed by the smell of petrol and on one occasion while I was refuelling the ride-on mower Mr. Honeyeater settled on the mower and stuck his nose right down into the filler cap opening for a really good sniff and I had to chase him away.

In the warm weather they will bathe in the evenings under the lawn sprinklers and at other times if there is water standing in one of the rainwater gutters they will form a queue to bathe one after the other.

New Holland Honeyeater at Taylor's, June 2007