Auxiliary Staff

notes by David Ball (smgs. 1955 - 1963)

Sarge There were two Serjeants and I can't remember their names. But I can remember their faces. The first Sarge I remember was a "stand up straight, what are you, stand to attention ... " - straight out of the Army training school. Scrupulously strict at getting the side gates shut at 09h15 and taking your name at the front door if you were late. The second Sarge had glasses, was much softer, back not so straight, good for a laugh, took your temperature when you asked him to and didn't check if you'd just had a glass of hot water! Someone will no doubt know when the Sarges changed - I think it was in 1956, around the time Mr. Finbow left or died or something.
Charlie He hardly ever came out of the coal bunker in the South east corner of the quadrangle. Irish, I think he was. I have a clear recollection of his face. He fixed the radiators and deputised for Sarge on rare occasions. Charlie carried in all the milk crates in the morning and, if Sarge wasn't watching, would let late comers in through the side gate while he was locking it.
The Rebbicks This husband and wife team ran the playing fields at Sudbury Hill. They got the baths run and manned the tea point. Mr. Rebbick kept the field in excellent order and I hope they made money out of the doughnuts and drinks we enjoyed before being dragged off onto the train back to London. This was a steam train until about 1961 when those horrible diesels took over. We shouldn't forget the Rebbicks.