Official photo of Form 4g in 1956

photo of form 4g in 1956

This scan has been sent in by Laura Ashby who found it among the effects of her late father Stephen Jack Davidson (second row, fourth from right). It has been identified by A J Heath as 4g 1956.

Hold the pointer over each boy. If we have already identified him the name will appear. If you click on his image any information that we have will be revealed. If you can add any further information, full name, present condition, memories and so on please fill in the form that appears and send us something interesting.


autographs of form 4g in 1956

The autographs shown all written in fountain pen are mostly readable. I have interpreted them with the help of Tony Heath as follows:-

D.M.BrothertonStephen Jack Davidson E.Davis
A.G.JohnsonA.P.Cooper A.Heath
R.E.S.MurfieldJohn Wager B.J.Mason
Peter Gill A.R.Pettit Xley (M. Crossley)
P.O.Shimano B.M.Webb Shea
J.A.Gibbons I. StimpsonM.J.S.Baker
A.Shelly David ReburnG.W.Hartshorn
B.L.Gaunay (NOB)K.Connor 
E.M.Mills D.R.St.George 
G.Prior D.McCallum